About Our Company

About Our Company

Our faculties are visiting faculties at IIMs and have significant corporate experience. Our faculties are visiting faculties at IIMs and have significant corporate experience

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Market oriented strategy, Value based Go-to-market planning and execution, Customer centricity and managing customer relationship , Key account management. B2B Marketing

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Our Team

Overall 27 years of experience in Entrepreneurship, Delivery and operations management, Strategic planning and execution, Customer relationship management and organization behavior

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Lahoya has a proven track record of working with large market clients, and we understand the importance of holding a bidding process for potential suppliers. We will be glad to submit proposals showcasing our capabilities – in order for us to submit a structured proposal addressing your exact requirements,  experts will get in touch with you.


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Why La Hoya?

In a fiercely competitive marketplace, today’s organizations have only two choices – reinvent every day or perish. Therefore, organizations have to prepare their management and customer facing teams to be closely attuned to the ground realities and continuously look for the elements that the customers consider valuable.

You are most likely looking for us, if you feel that your organization has not realized the true potential of the organization’s offerings in the marketplace.

We can help you in two ways

  • Enable your teams to discover or create a compelling value proposition that is sure to keep you a step ahead of competition and thwart commoditization
  • Help your organization build intimate relationship with your key customers not just based on individual connects but on the merit of superior business advantage